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Thrill makers

From the very first moment an artist arrives at our workshop and shows us his/her project, we are thrilled to help develop what afterwards will become an original print. We have a very strong passion for art and thoroughly enjoy the collaborative process from beginning to end.

  History Our history as printmaking professionals began in 1983 with the founding of the International Summer School of Printmaking. During this period we organized forty-six courses with trainers and pupils from all over the world. These courses continued until 1991 when we finished our task as organizers and managers of the school and started creating our intaglio printmaking workshop. Murtra Edicions was founded in 1992, in Arenys de Munt (Barcelona), with Jordi Rosés as Head Technician and Pilar Lloret as Manager. Our focus is on the editioning of original fine print works, portfolios and artists' books for editors, museums, galleries, companies and individual artists.
  What we do

Our specialty is intaglio printmaking and the development of integral edition projects: we begin with the design,the project layout, and finish with book binding and folio presentation.


Professional printmaking workshop

Our main activity is in the workshop, offering our facilities and technical expertise to artists, helping them to expand their work in the graphic world. We can advise on every technical requirement needed to make the plates and print them.

Own editions

We have developed our own editions of fine print works to complement our workshop activity.

Exclusive editions

Exclusive editions – company gifts

For companies, we offer a wide range of intaglio printmaking works as corporate gifts, for anniversaries, etc.

Our team can assist in selecting suitable works and artists for every situation.

We also create exclusive editions, from the design to the final presentation of the gift.

Editions for Institutions

Editions for Institutions - museums

At the same time, we collaborate with certain institutions in the making of graphic projects. We offer all of our experience and knowledge in the completion of these projects.

Training and diffusion

Printmaking Courses As we have gathered a lot of experience as managers and organizers of the International Summer School of Printmaking, and as teachers of monographic courses in Italy and all over Spain, in 1997, we decided to teach again. Currently we teach three printmaking levels, two days a week, for Mataró’s “Patronat de Cultura.”

At the Joan Miró’s Foundation in Palma de Mallorca, we regularly teach a summer colour printmaking course and have also assisted artist Joan Barbarà in his printmaking courses.

As a result of our teaching work, we’ve coordinated the exhibitions entitled “El gravat” and “Prova d’Estat.” The shows have been travelling for 4 years all around Spain and we’ve published two printmaking manuals with the same name.

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