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Intaglio and poetry book


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Bestiario 1991 intaglio and poetry

This book contains thirteen intaglio prints and a poem hand written and printed in embossing; six poems and six feet of page with allegorical names. The works are printed on handmade paper of 250 gsm/m2 watermark with the author's signature. The box container is made of wood with serigraphy; designed by Jordi Rosés. The texts were printed on handmade paper with inlays of marine algae and tracing paper.

57 x 44 cm  paper size  22,44 x 17,32 inches

30 pages

Edition 86 copies numbered from 1/86 to 86/86 and 8 copies numbered as p.a. and 6 as h.c.

Sugar aquatint

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Poem over print number

Alberti Rafael Alberti
                 Details of the pages with tracing paper printed 

Embossing detail 


Watermark Alberti's sinature