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Margarita Andreu

Margarita Andreu   born in  Cercs 1953 live in Barcelona  

Prints projects  made in our workshop

have a specialised degree in painting from the Facultat de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi, Barcelona.

In my work I try to fuse various elements, ranging from painting/installations, and including sculpture, photography, drawing, and graphic techniques as the only way of approaching a new concept of space within the context of artistic work.

During the 1970s and 1980s I worked on various painting-mural-installation projects, taking the point of view that the crucial part of this experience was the total quality of immersion in space-colour.

Other interests include the study of urban colour, by colouring the houses in the main square at Berga  (1991) and some Barcelona buildings (1993).

I continue to work on a series of photographs (“Visions”London, 1973) which have reference to time rhythms as an intrinsic quality of space.

From the 1980s onwards I seralised my photographic work (“Viatges”, Miró Foundation, 1982) using offset, as well silk-print and engrave. During the 1980s and 1990s my installations refer constantly to transient spaces, and the casual rhythms of the city.

I’ve been working on differents proposals of public space: the colour intervention into the tunnels of the Gran Vía / L’Hospitalet, 2003; intervention with architectutes, the façade of the  “Bibliothèque Universitaire” of Rennes, 2002, and public sculpture “Encaix”(Gran Vía /Rambla de Catalunya) Barcelona, 2003.


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